The United Earth pioneering team is comprised entirely of unpaid volunteers and for some members United Earth is a full-time commitment - and we would love to support this with appropriate stipends. Furthermore your contribution will enable us to continue developing the website and to bring cultural innovation - through global unity and collaboration - to the forefront of public awareness.
Since United Earth is not an organisation we have no intention of registering ourselves as such. We are a new paradigm global community who live by the values of trust, honour and sharing- and as long as humanity continues to use money as our primary means of exchange we will invite monetary donations to serve our collective transition from financial scarcity into an abundance of life-affirming goods and services for everyone.
We are committed to opening all UE accounts to complete transparency via the website. For more information about our finances please visit the wiki. Should you have any questions or ideas in this regard please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service.
If you wish to donate your time, energy, creativity, skills etc. please follow the sign up to co-create! Welcome!
Thank you for your trust and your support - financial and otherwise!