The United Earth Festival - Sharing Solutions for a Global Transition - March 19th

Video streams are online below!

Join us for this FREE online event as we celebrate a full day of innovation, inspiration and synergistic co-creation with The United Earth Festival.
Celebrations kick off on March 19 at 11:00 UTC and continue until March 20 02:00 UTC and beyond…
Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
~Howard Thurman
Part one - 11:00 to 19:00 UTC:
Part two - 19:00 to 02:30 UTC:
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Get the Full 15-hour Program here.
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UEF’16 is a uniquely diverse and unifying event that will offer a full day of showcasing cutting-edge and grassroots solutions, timeless teachings, social architectures, whole-systems transition strategies and evolutionary communities, with innovators and mentors from all sectors of human society. We will also be interviewing other global unity and collaboration platforms to reveal our alignment and commitment to work together.
The festival’s ‘whole-systems’ program will cover a spectrum of ecological, economic, technological and health solutions and include presenters:
  • John D. Liu - award-winning filmmaker and pioneering champion of large scale ecological restoration
  • Jillian Hovey - international permaculture teacher and designer of regenerative systems
  • Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. - Wisdom Keeper and Integral Unifier
  • Sabine Lichtenfels - author, peace-activist and co-founder of Tamera ecovillage
  • ... many more prominent and emergent co-creatives!
Key highlights include Noomap - a groundbreaking co-creation technology; Synergy Forums - connecting with our unique gifts to serve synergistic co-creation; Compassion Games - Survival of the Kindest; Yunity - sharing is a blossoming art form... and much, much more!!
The Charter for Compassion kindly offered their MaestroConference account for the festival but we found it not to have the functionality we need. We will be using Google Hangout instead and embed a stream for public viewing on this website just before commencing the festival. United Earth will be using the festival to introduce Noomap, which will be used in its prototype format to map feedback live being shared by participants.
This festival is designed to catalyse a chain of events that United Earth will be hosting throughout 2016 to synergise global change agents and empower greater levels of co-creation and collaboration. United Earth intends to act as a planetary meeting ground and ‘universal docking station’ where individuals and groups can share their diverse wealth of knowledge, ideas, visions, skills, tools and resources on one common platform.
On behalf of the entire blossoming United Earth Community including all our co-creators and collaborators...
We hope to see you there!!