The Global Transition Gathering

- A United Earth Ceremony & Celebration
Postponed until June 21st, 2016
The Global Transition Gathering (GTG) is an unprecedented event designed to promote planetary unity, healing, cooperation and solutions-awareness.
Essentially The Global Transition Gathering is the "planetary extension” of the COM21- with the broader vision of globally promoting whole-systems transformation and building local, collaborative connections among the movements. The invitation is for all UE allies to independently organise events that reflect their particular interest and passion, e.g. tree planting, festival, meditation, prayer, water ceremony, etc. Each group will register their event on the United Earth website so others can easily connect on the local level.
Program proposal
Saturday is dedicated to healing the past - especially towards women and the First Peoples - by way of a Global Truth, Reconciliation and Forgiveness Ceremony. We believe that for humanity to move into a new paradigm of sharing and cooperation we must first collectively bring the reconciliation and healing of our past actions and violations into light. This "Global Medicine Wheel” will be co-created by voluntary groups around the world. Furthermore there will be special events facilitated with the guidance of indigenous and spiritual leaders and Elders to be held at sacred sites on all the continents. To complete this momentous ceremony we intend to collectively channel this powerful and transformative energy of forgiveness and healing into a unified prayer and intention for the restoration of Mother Earth.
Sunday is dedicated to celebrating our collective intention to work together to heal our Mother Earth - and to help bring awareness of alternative solutions to the forefront of mainstream attention. To promote a whole-systems transformation, we are inviting an infinitely creative, synchronised celebration through music, art, community, Earth restoration, etc. The only criterion is our collective intention to unite, cooperate and co-create a peaceful, free, just and abundant Earth for all, now and in the future.
YES, this will be the biggest conscious and unified gathering the world has ever seen!