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The Conference of the Movements - The COM21

A United Earth International Grassroots Event that is designed to catalyze a wave of planetary unity and collaboration towards a whole-systems transformation of human society
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
December 9th, 10th & 11th, 2015
Why COM21?
Many summits and conferences recently have been formed to gather the wisdom and visions of social change-makers, spiritual guides and environmental activists. We have heard much talk of unity and collaboration and it is clear millions of people share a deep and genuine wish to work together to co-create the world we know is possible... How to provide a way for all those good intentioned people to work together still remains unclear.
Global patterns show that most of the benevolent communities, organisations and movements are still:
  • still working in silos, disconnected from others striving for the same goals
  • competing for limited resources
  • struggling with mounting legal regulations and lacking media attention
  • unknowingly re-inventing the same wheels
  • fighting against symptoms of the system such as poverty, starvation, climate change, economic inequality, political corruption, corporate exploitation, etc.
  • trying to heal or prevent the ecological damage caused by the system such as deforestation, fossil fuel production, factory farming, industrial agriculture, GMOs, etc.
Imagine what we could achieve if all the hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of groups working for a brighter future were to unite and collaborate towards a common cause and vision. Scientific studies have shown that when 10% of the population are deeply committed to an idea, the idea will always be adopted by the majority of the society.
What if 10% of all those people and groups were to commit to working together to embrace the opportunities of mutually-beneficial collaboration and resource sharing?
Would this idea then spread throughout all the groups helping our entire global community realize that we are all essentially working for the same thing?
Could this 10% of collaborative and committed citizens catalyze a planetary wave of intentional unification and cooperation that will truly transform the world?
As a United Earth initiative, the COM21 is inviting change-agents, grassroots leaders, organizations and movements to move beyond words - and into coordinated, unified and collaborative action. We will pool and share our knowledge, solutions and innovations; alternative models, transition strategies, connections and resources; and explore the monumental potential of our conscious collaboration.
At COM21, we are not putting together pieces of a puzzle. Rather, we are creating the canvas for a masterpiece that we will paint together--with the colours that we areā€¦